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How to get clients on LinkedIn

How to get clients on LinkedIn with Mark Firth

Some people think that LinkedIn is just a place to put up your resume and look for jobs. What many don't realize is that the same people who are on Facebook are also on LinkedIn, and it is much much easier to find potential clients on LinkedIn than by retargeting on Facebook! That's exactly what Mark Firth and his community of Linkedpreneurs have managed to do: day by day, week by week, get clients using LinkedIn.
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Online Traffic

5 ways that prioritizing TRAFFIC grows your business

By the end of this episode you will know why prioritizing online traffic to your content is crucial to your business's success. I wasted almost 7 years in my business not thinking about building an online community. In this business, your audience is your currency. The more you have, the more you can get, and the more your business will grow.
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Limiting Beliefs

How to overcome your limiting beliefs around money

Money mindset is the combination of your beliefs around money, who deserves to have it, and how much you're allowed to have. In this episode I uncover my own money mindset by telling you about my money story, in hopes that it will help you overcome your own hangups.
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What is a Launch?

Stages of a Product Launch: Pre-Launch, Launch and Post-Launch

Want to double your list size and make massive sales in just a few weeks? Then you are ready for your first big launch!
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How to do market research on Facebook

How to do market research on Facebook

Facebook can be a wealth of information when it comes to learning about your niche. Opinions gallore! You just have to know where to look.
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Can Pinterest take on Facebook Ads?

You have a website, a blog, an online business, and you want to advertise and get a ton of traffic to it. Facebook ads is a great way to go! Until you realize that each lead can cost you $5! Yikes! And then, there's Pinterest. The underrated, underestimated, non-social network that people think is only for bored housewives and brides-to-be. Cue in Rachel Ngom, the Pinterest Queen, to tell us how she got 20,000 leads for FREE from Pinterest.
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How to do your own PR

Practical advice on how to do your own PR in 2018. Exactly where to start and how to start, and how to eventually land the big publications and TV spots. Featuring the work by Selena Soo, a publicist and entrepreneur we could all learn a ton from. Check out here stuff at!
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How To Get 100 Subscribers On YouTube

Kick it off with the FASTEST way to get 100 YouTube subscribers, then move on to the 4 guidelines to get 100 subscribers organically. If you've been wondering how to get 100 subscribers on YouTube, this is the place to start.
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How to use Pinterest for your Blog

If you want to know how to use Pinterest for your blog, you MUST know this ONE TRICK that boosts your engagement 10x. Pinterest is not another social media platform. It is a Search Engine, and it is time to start using it as such!
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New Product Launch Strategy | A Quick Whiteboard Session

You've heard of launches, right? You may have been taken part in someone else's, and you've been wondering what the steps are to actually do one yourself. The biggest myth out there is that launches are only for when you are unveiling a new product. NOT TRUE! Not only can you launch the same product multiple times a year, but you SHOULD be doing it. Let's walk through the different types of launch and all the steps you should be following before, during and after your launch.
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